If they

If they They become more and more inclined to a depression, especially at mature age.

They made achievement of definite purposes sense of the life and therefore when they reach them, the sense disappears.

If they do not manage to achieve the, all of them equally do not see special sense in life.

If your teenager has a similar bent, you serve to him huge service if teach to find sense in various hobbies and other ways of forwarding of free time, and especially if teach to see the huge value of friendship and personal relations.

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Very many

Very many Do not worry for such child if the doctor considers that it is healthy.

Very many children, having learned to rise, do not know how again to sit down.

Poor the crumb can stay some hours, will not fall down from exhaustion yet.

When mother puts such child, having torn off him from a handrail of a bed or an arena, he instantly forgets about fatigue and is again brought up and gets up.

But this time he starts crying already in a few minutes.

The only thing that mother can undertake, allow to it to play any interesting subject longer to hold it in a sitting position.

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These vegetables

These vegetables Give to the child only soft corn.

Cut off grains not too close to the basis that grain revealed, in years it is possible to give corn directly in an ear, but cut in the middle each number of grains that they revealed.

Digestible crude vegetables start giving between a year and two if the child has a good digestion.

The best of them: the tomatoes peeled of a peel, salad, grated carrots, small cut celery.

These vegetables have to be well peeled.

At first give them gradually and look as the child will digest them.

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Often sources

Often sources All of us, parents, to a greater or lesser extent belong to one of these types.

Often sources of our relation to this problem need to be looked for in our childhood.

Most of people seeks to raise the children the same as brought up them.

If parents are afraid to help the child.

The problem of schooling of the child to a pot began to be represented especially difficult in the light of the latest works of psychiatrists, psychologists and pediatricians.

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It is necessary

It is necessary Such reaction to inability to nurse anything, except harm, will not bring to neither mother, nor the child.

Eventually the good mood of mother is more important for the child.

It is necessary to remember that development of breast milk depends on work of endocrine glands, and not just on one desire of mother therefore she has no need to reproach herself for inability to nurse.

Do not consider yourself as bad mother if you cannot nurse, and do not think that you physically and emotionally defective as the woman it in a root the wrong representation.

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