Doctor Davies

Doctor Davies And after that it will have neither a vomiting, nor a stomach pains, a diarrhea.

The child can sometimes drink g of milk in addition to a full lunch, and during a dinner to refuse milk in general.

Doctor Davies watched consumption by children of meat during many days.

Some days the child ate a usual portion of meat, in the next days he began to eat it more and more then consumption of meat again decreased.

This fact suggested doctor Davies an idea: obviously, the organism of the child was in great need in some substance containing in meat as was the reason of its strengthened consumption.

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This easy

This easy Potniyets can also powder with starch, but the main thing is a cool air.

Be not afraid to strip naked the child in hot weather.

Dairy crust.

This easy irritation of head skin.

Very often meets at newborns in the first months.

Looks, as the shelled dirty spots.

Wipe places of peelings the wadded tampon moistened in vaseline or sunflower oil is softens crusts then they can be schesat a frequent comb.

If it does not help, consult to the doctor.

The dairy crust seldom happens more long, than some months.

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If he is punished

If he is punished Lead corporal punishment to degradation, a dehumanization and humiliation of the child.

As a result the child can feel that flogging this punishment sufficient in itself.

If he is punished often and severely, at the child necessary sense of guilt that interferes with development in it of full understanding of as persons is not developed.

Without the base of unconditional love the child will not be able to pass all phases of development, especially an identification of with parents that will cripple formation of healthy mentality and a selfassessment.

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When parents

When parents I discuss the problems arising in a case when parents are afraid to give vent to the irritation not only to facilitate conscience of parents.

The matter is that all afflicting parents, afflicts also their children.

When parents consider that antagonistic feelings in relation to children are too awful that them to recognize open, children also hide the antagonism to parents.

Children have a fear of the imagined dangers.

They are afraid of insects or refuse to go to school, or fear to release from itself parents.

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Of course, there

Of course, there I saw how such unhealthy way of expression of anger leads teenagers simply to a number of misfortunes from a failure at examinations before the use of drugs, pregnancies, commission of crimes and attempts of suicide.

Of course, there are also other reasons of such acts, but a passive and aggressive tendency the most serious of them.

I met more than once teenagers who badly studied at school because their parents behaved incorrectly: or reacted to everything too roughly, or forbade teenagers to splash out negative emotions.

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