Others will

Others will As if you coped with this situation?

Some will start teaching parents: they have to demand from the son of respect, obedience and so forth.

Others will start criticizing Thomas for his attitude towards parents, to demand that he respectfully treated them.

And some even will insist on severe punishment of Thomas.

What do you think of it?

Many children do not feel today that parents sincerely love them.

And besides I met also such parents who really do not love the children.

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Put the girl

Put the girl Hide the girl under a tree; under a bush.

Put the girl on a path; on penek.

Put the girl on a tree.

Put the girl about a fungus; between a bush and penky.

Development of visual and acoustical attention.

Game Who superfluous?

Show pictures see fig.


Say a number of words, and children ask to find in turn those images which correspond to these words.

Fox, wolf, Snegurushka.

Grandfather, grandmother, bear.

Development of a small motility.

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I want to consider

I want to consider These states are extremely difficult.

But many nonprofessionals could understand them and help the children.

In the course of reading if you have a desire, address to the schedule placed at the end of the head.

I want to consider RV and RVG together as between them there is a considerable similarity.

Children who treat both of these categories, express the anger in the wrong and destructive ways.

Both states are followed also by two neurologic problems difficulty of perception and inability long to keep attention on one object.

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By years

By years Usually duration of a day dream is reduced by years, and duration of a night dream remains to the same.

From to years the night dream of the child is usually reduced by an hour, i.


he will lay down at o'clock in the evening if rises at o'clock in the morning.

By years it can be stacked at o'clock in the evening, i.


on an hour later.

These are average figures.

More long dream, and another less long is necessary for one children.

Many children refuse to sleep in the afternoon in years, but the day dream is necessary for most of children till years, and if not a dream, then afterdinner rest with quiet occupations in the room.

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The mouse

The mouse Logopedist.

Today you will meet a small mouse and will go with it to small travel.

She even left the card which not only will show the way, but also will help to mix and not to forget nothing.

Look, here on the card everything is drawn fig.


What do you see right at the beginning?




Behind a high fence lives in this lodge mouse.

The mouse woke up, opened a window and came to a porch exercise Shovel.

The breeze blows on a mouse.

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