Despite But, on the other hand, it is obvious that the family still has huge impact on children.

The family can create the atmosphere of a peace of mind for the teenager, help it to feel the security, selfconfidence, to teach him correctly to belong to adults, contemporaries and small children and it is correct to react in nonstandard situations.

Despite many people and the circumstances having impact on the teenager, the most serious yavlyaetsyavliyany families.

The teenager can be higher, more beautiful, stronger than svoikhroditel, he can outgrow them in any relations, but internally, on an emotional warehouse, it remains the child and he needs still to feel like darling the parents.

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But better

But better.


But better let he will hunger day or two, than will get sick even more seriously.

In the latter case you should hold it on a hungry diet much more long.

At the child after years of disorder of digestion are much more rare.

But if it has a diarrhea, the best medicine a bed rest and the food limited to the water, skim milk, dishes prepared with gelatin.

Skin phenomena Consult on the doctor concerning all types of rash.

To be mistaken very easily.

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One suicide

One suicide Reduction of affairs in an order.

One suicide teenagers will distribute the favourite things, others will consider necessary before death to put the affairs in order.

One will rush to clean the house, others will hurry to pay off with debts, will sit down at the letter to which had to respond very long time ago, or will want to return the thing taken from the friend to wash up a floor in the room, to sort desk boxes.

In all these acts there is nothing suspicious; on the contrary, in itself each of them is absolutely normal and natural.

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Then he tries

Then he tries In game the kid imitates close adults: reads, how the father; prepares lessons, as the sister.

Understands purpose of the subjects used in life.

The child can rejoice opportunities to play with other children.

However contacts with other children are unproductive.

Being near the senior children, especially with brothers and sisters, the child at first watches with what toys they play.

Then he tries to take away these toys.

If the oneyearold kid is near the contemporary, their communication is that at first children study one another, and then repeat actions of each other.

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However, young

However, young Perhaps, he will murmur something muffled or, telling, will hide eyes or maybe simply will tell that does not wish to speak about a beating.

As clear proof of an emotional trauma the underestimated selfassessment, and also rough verbal altercations between your friend and his parents will serve.

However, young people to whom the emotional injury is done, keep ordinary shy, timidly as if being afraid to draw to themselves attention.

They were accustomed to thought that they on anything are not capable, silly and ignorant.

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