Playing, the child

Playing, the child Outdoor games imitation of movements of animals cause an emotional and positive spirit of the child, help to remove stress.

Consider abilities and possibilities of the child!

The fairy tale serves as the best material for game performance.

Playing, the child is capable to understand and estimate acts of heroes of the fairy tale, to condemn acts of villains, to estimate own actions and actions of other people.

In fairy tales heroes happen bad and good the child always wants to assume a role of the hero.

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Within this

Within this When my eldest son, David, studied in the eighth grade, its estimates fell with Hey to SI.

Fortunately, at that time I already knew something about normal passive and aggressive behavior and did not react to decrease in estimates.

Still going downhill, it passed from the ninth into the tenth class.

Within this year he made friends with several boys, is more senior than him on age.

They should come to good colleges just about.

Communicating with them, David realized that estimates it is an important thing.

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Have opposite

Have opposite Followed religious beliefs of the parents.

Have opposite culture of behavior and other moral values deny authorities.

Researches showed that young people whom in the childhood brought up according to the second method that is parents not only directed, specified and corrected them, but also showed to them unconditional love, adopted the best at the parents not only system of moral values, but also religious beliefs, adhered to them and at teenage age, that is during the most difficult period of their life.

Most of the young people who are not satisfied with life were cultivated in authoritative spirit.

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And at other

And at other Development of teeth Time of emergence of the first teeth means nothing.

At different children development of teeth proceeds differently.

One children chew everything, are capricious and complain in months prior to emergence of each tooth and spoil life to all family members.

And at other children teeth are cut without serious consequences, and mother finds them incidentally one fine day, at all without suspecting that at the child teeth grew.

Rather healthy child has an age when there are teeth, is defined by heredity.

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Sometimes If he sees the children riding tricycles, he speaks: Our kid too has a tricycle.

The child, certainly, too is jealous, but he is afraid to admit it even to himself.

The help is even more necessary for such child, than what precisely knows, who the reason of his troubles.

Sometimes parents speak: We should not worry about jealousy.

Johnny adores the kid.

Of course, it is good that the senior child shows love to the younger.

But it is worth to remember about jealousy.

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