Drugs and alcohol

Drugs and alcohol To teenagers, whose brains are stirred up by alcohol or drugs, it is much easier to make the decision to die.

They are already suppressed under the influence of alcohol and drugs suicide can seem to them the only means to stop mental anguish.

Under steam or on a needle they have a spirit, and they are more ready to risk, than in a sober state.

Drugs and alcohol harmful affect and life of teenagers, whose parents alcoholics and addicts.

Young people in itself can not be dependent on drugs and alcohol, however their life is full of sufferings because the family breaks up.

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You want

You want Moreover, you will understand when you manage it and when not really.

You want to be the good parent?

Many ask, whether it is possible in general.

I assure you that quite perhaps both to be that, and to feel confident in it.


The unconditional love is such love when you love the child regardless of his qualities and features.

It is not important as it looks.

Not important, what his tendencies, merits and demerits.

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First of all it is necessary

First of all it is necessary The sexual maturity at girls begins with the first menstrual cycle.

Boys have no such pronounced event therefore I begin conversation on puberty with girls.

First of all it is necessary to remember that puberty does not come at all at the same age.

At most of girls it begins in years and the first menstrual cycle happens two years later in years.

But at enough many girls puberty begins in years.

Happens that it begins only in years.

In exceptional cases puberty of girls begins in years or only in years.

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It is possible

It is possible Equipment: screen; beautiful small suitcase; dolls bibabo; Previously remove sulfuric heads from matches.

It is possible to wet matches in solution of potassium permanganate and to dry up then they will get beautiful light brown color.

cards for global reading see the Appendix; small box; figures from desktop puppet theater a goat, a wolf, kids; the subject picture Try, find see fig.

; the picture Learn on a contour see fig.


Occupation course Organizational moment.

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Your teenager

Your teenager At these moments it looks very serious, concentrated and interested in a topic of conversation, but actually it is far from it.

At this time it is important to be patient.

Your teenager tries to win time and to overcome the protective reactions to decide to start talking about things, important and significant for it.

Be careful, do not hurry and do not tear off conversation as it will offend it and will do harm to your relations.

If you stock up with patience and will provide it so much time, how many it is required to it, conversation about anything will gradually develop into serious conversation that really excites him.

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