Therefore If your teenager sincerely feels that we love and is not indifferent to you, he for certain will listen to you and will not disregard your council to be more careful.

Therefore you also have to support full its emotional capacity, only then you will be able to help it not to give in on arrangements of contemporaries to try drugs that will relieve it of serious consequences.

Be not tired to remind the teenager that he should not eat carelessly that got, without having made sure that nobody mixed drug with drink or food.

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Because If these three requirements are present at our life the most part of time, we are able to cope with life, to solve the problems rising before us.

To teenagers who are not loved which do not take a liking for the schoolmates and teachers who feel like strangers and at home, both at school, and in the yard to cope with troubles much more difficult.

Because they badly study, do not get on with parents, friends and teachers, their selfassessment decreases, they feel the otioseness, loneliness, isolation.

From here and inability to solve many sore problems.

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Wait until

Wait until When children are angered, they are so absorbed by the thoughts that lose orientation and do not understand that occurs round them.

During such periods gentle, light, fast touches to a shoulder or a hand leave the line of communication open.

However if the child still becomes angry about you, it is better to be limited to one visual contact.

Wait until the child calms down.

UNDIVIDED ATTENTION Undivided attention it when you spend time with the child so that he feels as the most important for you the person in the world.

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It is impossible

It is impossible But mainly it depends on as far as mother is able to test satisfaction from cares of the child or as far as he exhausts her physically and morally.

It is impossible to answer many of these questions until the child grows up.

Some mothers are at heart rather balanced and it is easy to them to look after intellectually defective child.

They find ways to care of it so that it does not tire them.

They are able to find attractive qualities of the child and to derive from them pleasure.

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In psychiatric

In psychiatric I am sure that it is one of the main reasons that with boys there are more than complications, than with girls.

In psychiatric clinics of the USA of boys in times more, than girls.

And this ratio sharply still several times increases at teenagers.

Obviously, boys need the same gentle manifestation of love it is necessary to consider that is frequent at boys still big requirement, as well as to girls in early years of development.

As the boy grows and matures, the need for such physical manifestation of love as embraces and kisses, decreases, but the need for physical contact remains.

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