You can make

You can make It is not obligatory to pierce the available opening.

It is not necessary to pierce a needle too far until you check results.

If you make openings too big, you should throw out a pacifier.

You can make one, two or three increased openings.

If you have no stopper, wrap up a blunt end of a needle a rag or hold a needle nippers.

The hammered openings in nipples can be cleaned toothpicks.

Instead of openings it is possible to make two small cross cuts in a nipple.

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The big bear

The big bear The big bear took the cup, looked and began to roar by a terrible voice: Who supped from my cup?

Nastasia Petrovna looked at the cup and began to roar not so loudly: Who supped from my cup?

And Mishutka saw the empty cup and began to squeak by a thin voice: Who supped from my cup and everything vykhlebat?

Mikhaylo Ivanych looked at the chair and began to roar by a terrible voice: Who sat on my chair and got moving forward it?

Nastasia Petrovna looked at the chair and began to roar not so loudly: Who sat on my chair and got moving forward it?

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The normal

The normal Many consider cultivation of sense of guilt undesirable and forget that it has also an important positive aspect.

When sense of guilt too oppresses the person it harmfully, but in reasonable degree it is vital in formation and maintenance in norm of healthy consciousness.

The normal healthy consciousness allowing the child is reasonable to limit the behavior, is much more effective than the discipline of the rod causing fear, anger and indignation.

It is clear, that conscious control of the behavior is reasonably better, than bad ability to be selfcontrolled or total absence of control over itself.

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In other

In other Sometimes such resistance can be softened if mother is near the child, it is tender talking to it and occasionally reminding him that he has to make on peas.

In other words, jokes and caress you will be able to break his persistence rather.

If in minutes the child after all makes nothing, release him, do not aggravate situation.

If in a few minutes it soils panties or a floor, you, of course, become angry.

But if you remind yourself that thus the child shows the independence, you probably will be able to treat it with humour.

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Many adults

Many adults Having looked narrowly, he approaches closer and eventually tries to make friends, but in own way.

For example, the child can stand nearby and is attentive look at the stranger or solemnly give it something, and then take away back, or to bring everything that it will be possible to hold in both hands, and to dump all this an armful to it on knees.

Many adults do not guess to leave the child alone while that looks narrowly at them.

They usually rush to the child, talking without a stop, and the child is compelled to look for protection at mother.

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