Begin with

Begin with You already read the th head Poslaniya to Jews?

Is not present?

Hurry up!

It will give you indestructible hope.

God gives us hope.

The hope is not your desire.

The hope is knowledge of that wonderful obetovaniye of God will be carried out.

God made to us a set of promises.

Read them for yourself once again.

Begin with the Message to Romans :: Besides we know that loving God, called on his izvoleniye, everything promotes to the benefit.

And as about the Book of the prophet Jeremiah :: Because only I know intentions what I have about you, the Lord, intentions in the benefit, but not on the evil to give you future and hope speaks.

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Here, listen, mothers. I not so stupid. You should

Here, listen, mothers. I not so stupid. You should It passed some tests, and came to light that it has problems with visual perception.

For this reason it was difficult for it to concentrate the attention.

Do not worry, Ric, you are the clever boy.

I very much doubt that you badly read because of obstinacy.

I think, everything will be adjusted.

I will try to help you.

Ric's eyes flashed.

Here, listen, mothers.

I not so stupid.

You should not worry so strongly because of me.

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The elephant

The elephant Organizational moment.


The elephant decided to go on a visit to the Little squirrel.

Came to the wood and where to look for the Little squirrel does not know.

Sees, on an edge there is a Fungus.

Brings a toy teaser.

Decided to ask it.

And that arranged to the Elephant test to find out that the Elephant is able to do.

The child carries out articulation gymnastics for a sound l with a teaser: exercises Smile, Gate, Needle, Swing, Chisktim upper teeth, An angry uvula, Barrels.

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In fact, the person

In fact, the person Or, having become more senior, it will start rejecting very much any parents' councils and the management that will lead to emergence of cracks in our relations.

And again Dr.

Torner emphasizes that we have to own, as if without owning, without being grabbers and owners in relation to the child.

In fact, the person can never own nothing really.

It is no more, than the servant of that God entrusted to store to it.

The earth belongs to the Lord and all on it The New testament, the st ate.

to Corinthians, :.

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Caress has the same

Caress has the same When you caress it, embrace and show it that he is the best kid on light, you do it happy.

Caress has the same value for emotional development of the child, as milk for physical.

Can be therefore we, adults, always we seek to give to the child pleasure, instinctively starting lisping, nodding, etc.

So solid and unsociable people behave even.

The main lack of parental inexperience excessively serious relation to parental responsibilities which prevents to derive pleasure from motherhood.

In this case both mother, and the child lose huge pleasure in life.

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