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Slowly reads

We will designate each step a counter.Slowly reads the poem.The child sh designates each word with a sound a counter square, spreading a path.For Mishutki of the kid Masha knits a warm scarf.He will tie a scarf on a neck And quietly to Masha will tell: Thanks!Where the path brought us?Ahead of a hummock.It is necessary to jump from a hummock on a hummock, here so: ashta, ashva, ashka, ansha, amsha, aksha.The child fingers imitates jumps on the hummocks circles which are spread out on a table.

Mother receives

All this leads it to thought of transition to artificial feeding that is very easily feasible.Mother receives instructions on artificial feeding already in maternity hospital just in case or at the doctor.The child who starts being fed from a pacifier in enough several times a day, almost always loses interest in breast milk.And the milk remaining in a breast is a signal to mammary glands to make less milk.In other words, the combination of such two factors as uncertainty of mother in the forces and availability of artificial nutrition, reduces chances of success of breastfeeding.

Only in exceptional

It is very possible that the obstinacy which is an integral part of this intense period, influences and the speech of the child.How to eliminate stutter.Perhaps, to you or someone from your relatives it was necessary to get rid long and hardly of stutter.But be not upset if your child stammers.Stutter itself passes in of cases in some months.Only in exceptional cases stutter becomes chronic.Do not try to correct the speech of the child or in general to worry about it.

Runs, a tail

Look at a rennet!More tasty this fruit is not present!The child repeats after the logopedist of the movement by fingers.A basket heavy, it was hard for a hare to bear it the child blows on a tip of wide language.Let a hare in teremok and began to live all together.Chanterelle sister runs by the following opens page.Runs, a tail covers up tracks exercise Let's clean the lower teeth.She dreams of a tasty lunch.Show of what chanterelle when you hear the correct word dreams.

Such teenagers, without

It forces the teenager to think that his opinion does not matter.Such teenagers, without being promoted the mind, do not feel as sincerely loved parents.Without feeling respect for itself, they are inclined to take offense and become angry often.Add to it also that fact that in this case parents lose opportunity to specify to teenagers when their logic is right, and when there is no when their arguments are reasonable and when on the contrary.Children do not receive a comment of parents concerning the thoughts and cannot understand, whether any their ideas are significant.

If they

They become more and more inclined to a depression, especially at mature age.They made achievement of definite purposes sense of the life and therefore when they reach them, the sense disappears.If they do not manage to achieve the, all of them equally do not see special sense in life.If your teenager has a similar bent, you serve to him huge service if teach to find sense in various hobbies and other ways of forwarding of free time, and especially if teach to see the huge value of friendship and personal relations.

Very many

Do not worry for such child if the doctor considers that it is healthy.Very many children, having learned to rise, do not know how again to sit down.Poor the crumb can stay some hours, will not fall down from exhaustion yet.When mother puts such child, having torn off him from a handrail of a bed or an arena, he instantly forgets about fatigue and is again brought up and gets up.But this time he starts crying already in a few minutes.The only thing that mother can undertake, allow to it to play any interesting subject longer to hold it in a sitting position.

These vegetables

Give to the child only soft corn.Cut off grains not too close to the basis that grain revealed, in years it is possible to give corn directly in an ear, but cut in the middle each number of grains that they revealed.Digestible crude vegetables start giving between a year and two if the child has a good digestion.The best of them: the tomatoes peeled of a peel, salad, grated carrots, small cut celery.These vegetables have to be well peeled.At first give them gradually and look as the child will digest them.

Often sources

All of us, parents, to a greater or lesser extent belong to one of these types.Often sources of our relation to this problem need to be looked for in our childhood.Most of people seeks to raise the children the same as brought up them.If parents are afraid to help the child.The problem of schooling of the child to a pot began to be represented especially difficult in the light of the latest works of psychiatrists, psychologists and pediatricians.

It is necessary

Such reaction to inability to nurse anything, except harm, will not bring to neither mother, nor the child.Eventually the good mood of mother is more important for the child.It is necessary to remember that development of breast milk depends on work of endocrine glands, and not just on one desire of mother therefore she has no need to reproach herself for inability to nurse.Do not consider yourself as bad mother if you cannot nurse, and do not think that you physically and emotionally defective as the woman it in a root the wrong representation.

Others will

As if you coped with this situation?Some will start teaching parents: they have to demand from the son of respect, obedience and so forth.Others will start criticizing Thomas for his attitude towards parents, to demand that he respectfully treated them.And some even will insist on severe punishment of Thomas.What do you think of it?Many children do not feel today that parents sincerely love them.And besides I met also such parents who really do not love the children.

Put the girl

Hide the girl under a tree; under a bush.Put the girl on a path; on penek.Put the girl on a tree.Put the girl about a fungus; between a bush and penky.Development of visual and acoustical attention.Game Who superfluous?Show pictures see fig..Say a number of words, and children ask to find in turn those images which correspond to these words.Fox, wolf, Snegurushka.Grandfather, grandmother, bear.Development of a small motility.

I want to consider

These states are extremely difficult.But many nonprofessionals could understand them and help the children.In the course of reading if you have a desire, address to the schedule placed at the end of the head.I want to consider RV and RVG together as between them there is a considerable similarity.Children who treat both of these categories, express the anger in the wrong and destructive ways.Both states are followed also by two neurologic problems difficulty of perception and inability long to keep attention on one object.

By years

Usually duration of a day dream is reduced by years, and duration of a night dream remains to the same.From to years the night dream of the child is usually reduced by an hour, i.e.he will lay down at o'clock in the evening if rises at o'clock in the morning.By years it can be stacked at o'clock in the evening, i.e.on an hour later.These are average figures.More long dream, and another less long is necessary for one children.Many children refuse to sleep in the afternoon in years, but the day dream is necessary for most of children till years, and if not a dream, then afterdinner rest with quiet occupations in the room.

The mouse

Logopedist.Today you will meet a small mouse and will go with it to small travel.She even left the card which not only will show the way, but also will help to mix and not to forget nothing.Look, here on the card everything is drawn fig..What do you see right at the beginning?Child.Lodge.Logopedist.Behind a high fence lives in this lodge mouse.The mouse woke up, opened a window and came to a porch exercise Shovel.The breeze blows on a mouse.


But, on the other hand, it is obvious that the family still has huge impact on children.The family can create the atmosphere of a peace of mind for the teenager, help it to feel the security, selfconfidence, to teach him correctly to belong to adults, contemporaries and small children and it is correct to react in nonstandard situations.Despite many people and the circumstances having impact on the teenager, the most serious yavlyaetsyavliyany families.The teenager can be higher, more beautiful, stronger than svoikhroditel, he can outgrow them in any relations, but internally, on an emotional warehouse, it remains the child and he needs still to feel like darling the parents.

But better

.Perhaps.But better let he will hunger day or two, than will get sick even more seriously.In the latter case you should hold it on a hungry diet much more long.At the child after years of disorder of digestion are much more rare.But if it has a diarrhea, the best medicine a bed rest and the food limited to the water, skim milk, dishes prepared with gelatin.Skin phenomena Consult on the doctor concerning all types of rash.To be mistaken very easily.

One suicide

Reduction of affairs in an order.One suicide teenagers will distribute the favourite things, others will consider necessary before death to put the affairs in order.One will rush to clean the house, others will hurry to pay off with debts, will sit down at the letter to which had to respond very long time ago, or will want to return the thing taken from the friend to wash up a floor in the room, to sort desk boxes.In all these acts there is nothing suspicious; on the contrary, in itself each of them is absolutely normal and natural.

Then he tries

In game the kid imitates close adults: reads, how the father; prepares lessons, as the sister.Understands purpose of the subjects used in life.The child can rejoice opportunities to play with other children.However contacts with other children are unproductive.Being near the senior children, especially with brothers and sisters, the child at first watches with what toys they play.Then he tries to take away these toys.If the oneyearold kid is near the contemporary, their communication is that at first children study one another, and then repeat actions of each other.

However, young

Perhaps, he will murmur something muffled or, telling, will hide eyes or maybe simply will tell that does not wish to speak about a beating.As clear proof of an emotional trauma the underestimated selfassessment, and also rough verbal altercations between your friend and his parents will serve.However, young people to whom the emotional injury is done, keep ordinary shy, timidly as if being afraid to draw to themselves attention.They were accustomed to thought that they on anything are not capable, silly and ignorant.

Playing, the child

Outdoor games imitation of movements of animals cause an emotional and positive spirit of the child, help to remove stress.Consider abilities and possibilities of the child!The fairy tale serves as the best material for game performance.Playing, the child is capable to understand and estimate acts of heroes of the fairy tale, to condemn acts of villains, to estimate own actions and actions of other people.In fairy tales heroes happen bad and good the child always wants to assume a role of the hero.

Within this

When my eldest son, David, studied in the eighth grade, its estimates fell with Hey to SI.Fortunately, at that time I already knew something about normal passive and aggressive behavior and did not react to decrease in estimates.Still going downhill, it passed from the ninth into the tenth class.Within this year he made friends with several boys, is more senior than him on age.They should come to good colleges just about.Communicating with them, David realized that estimates it is an important thing.

Have opposite

Followed religious beliefs of the parents.Have opposite culture of behavior and other moral values deny authorities.Researches showed that young people whom in the childhood brought up according to the second method that is parents not only directed, specified and corrected them, but also showed to them unconditional love, adopted the best at the parents not only system of moral values, but also religious beliefs, adhered to them and at teenage age, that is during the most difficult period of their life.Most of the young people who are not satisfied with life were cultivated in authoritative spirit.

And at other

Development of teeth Time of emergence of the first teeth means nothing.At different children development of teeth proceeds differently.One children chew everything, are capricious and complain in months prior to emergence of each tooth and spoil life to all family members.And at other children teeth are cut without serious consequences, and mother finds them incidentally one fine day, at all without suspecting that at the child teeth grew.Rather healthy child has an age when there are teeth, is defined by heredity.


If he sees the children riding tricycles, he speaks: Our kid too has a tricycle.The child, certainly, too is jealous, but he is afraid to admit it even to himself.The help is even more necessary for such child, than what precisely knows, who the reason of his troubles.Sometimes parents speak: We should not worry about jealousy.Johnny adores the kid.Of course, it is good that the senior child shows love to the younger.But it is worth to remember about jealousy.

Drugs and alcohol

To teenagers, whose brains are stirred up by alcohol or drugs, it is much easier to make the decision to die.They are already suppressed under the influence of alcohol and drugs suicide can seem to them the only means to stop mental anguish.Under steam or on a needle they have a spirit, and they are more ready to risk, than in a sober state.Drugs and alcohol harmful affect and life of teenagers, whose parents alcoholics and addicts.Young people in itself can not be dependent on drugs and alcohol, however their life is full of sufferings because the family breaks up.

You want

Moreover, you will understand when you manage it and when not really.You want to be the good parent?Many ask, whether it is possible in general.I assure you that quite perhaps both to be that, and to feel confident in it.WHAT IS THE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE?The unconditional love is such love when you love the child regardless of his qualities and features.It is not important as it looks.Not important, what his tendencies, merits and demerits.

First of all it is necessary

The sexual maturity at girls begins with the first menstrual cycle.Boys have no such pronounced event therefore I begin conversation on puberty with girls.First of all it is necessary to remember that puberty does not come at all at the same age.At most of girls it begins in years and the first menstrual cycle happens two years later in years.But at enough many girls puberty begins in years.Happens that it begins only in years.In exceptional cases puberty of girls begins in years or only in years.

It is possible

Equipment: screen; beautiful small suitcase; dolls bibabo; Previously remove sulfuric heads from matches.It is possible to wet matches in solution of potassium permanganate and to dry up then they will get beautiful light brown color.cards for global reading see the Appendix; small box; figures from desktop puppet theater a goat, a wolf, kids; the subject picture Try, find see fig.; the picture Learn on a contour see fig..Occupation course Organizational moment.

Your teenager

At these moments it looks very serious, concentrated and interested in a topic of conversation, but actually it is far from it.At this time it is important to be patient.Your teenager tries to win time and to overcome the protective reactions to decide to start talking about things, important and significant for it.Be careful, do not hurry and do not tear off conversation as it will offend it and will do harm to your relations.If you stock up with patience and will provide it so much time, how many it is required to it, conversation about anything will gradually develop into serious conversation that really excites him.


If your teenager sincerely feels that we love and is not indifferent to you, he for certain will listen to you and will not disregard your council to be more careful.Therefore you also have to support full its emotional capacity, only then you will be able to help it not to give in on arrangements of contemporaries to try drugs that will relieve it of serious consequences.Be not tired to remind the teenager that he should not eat carelessly that got, without having made sure that nobody mixed drug with drink or food.


If these three requirements are present at our life the most part of time, we are able to cope with life, to solve the problems rising before us.To teenagers who are not loved which do not take a liking for the schoolmates and teachers who feel like strangers and at home, both at school, and in the yard to cope with troubles much more difficult.Because they badly study, do not get on with parents, friends and teachers, their selfassessment decreases, they feel the otioseness, loneliness, isolation.From here and inability to solve many sore problems.

Wait until

When children are angered, they are so absorbed by the thoughts that lose orientation and do not understand that occurs round them.During such periods gentle, light, fast touches to a shoulder or a hand leave the line of communication open.However if the child still becomes angry about you, it is better to be limited to one visual contact.Wait until the child calms down.UNDIVIDED ATTENTION Undivided attention it when you spend time with the child so that he feels as the most important for you the person in the world.

It is impossible

But mainly it depends on as far as mother is able to test satisfaction from cares of the child or as far as he exhausts her physically and morally.It is impossible to answer many of these questions until the child grows up.Some mothers are at heart rather balanced and it is easy to them to look after intellectually defective child.They find ways to care of it so that it does not tire them.They are able to find attractive qualities of the child and to derive from them pleasure.

In psychiatric

I am sure that it is one of the main reasons that with boys there are more than complications, than with girls.In psychiatric clinics of the USA of boys in times more, than girls.And this ratio sharply still several times increases at teenagers.Obviously, boys need the same gentle manifestation of love it is necessary to consider that is frequent at boys still big requirement, as well as to girls in early years of development.As the boy grows and matures, the need for such physical manifestation of love as embraces and kisses, decreases, but the need for physical contact remains.

You can make

It is not obligatory to pierce the available opening.It is not necessary to pierce a needle too far until you check results.If you make openings too big, you should throw out a pacifier.You can make one, two or three increased openings.If you have no stopper, wrap up a blunt end of a needle a rag or hold a needle nippers.The hammered openings in nipples can be cleaned toothpicks.Instead of openings it is possible to make two small cross cuts in a nipple.

The big bear

The big bear took the cup, looked and began to roar by a terrible voice: Who supped from my cup?Nastasia Petrovna looked at the cup and began to roar not so loudly: Who supped from my cup?And Mishutka saw the empty cup and began to squeak by a thin voice: Who supped from my cup and everything vykhlebat?Mikhaylo Ivanych looked at the chair and began to roar by a terrible voice: Who sat on my chair and got moving forward it?Nastasia Petrovna looked at the chair and began to roar not so loudly: Who sat on my chair and got moving forward it?

The normal

Many consider cultivation of sense of guilt undesirable and forget that it has also an important positive aspect.When sense of guilt too oppresses the person it harmfully, but in reasonable degree it is vital in formation and maintenance in norm of healthy consciousness.The normal healthy consciousness allowing the child is reasonable to limit the behavior, is much more effective than the discipline of the rod causing fear, anger and indignation.It is clear, that conscious control of the behavior is reasonably better, than bad ability to be selfcontrolled or total absence of control over itself.

In other

Sometimes such resistance can be softened if mother is near the child, it is tender talking to it and occasionally reminding him that he has to make on peas.In other words, jokes and caress you will be able to break his persistence rather.If in minutes the child after all makes nothing, release him, do not aggravate situation.If in a few minutes it soils panties or a floor, you, of course, become angry.But if you remind yourself that thus the child shows the independence, you probably will be able to treat it with humour.

Many adults

Having looked narrowly, he approaches closer and eventually tries to make friends, but in own way.For example, the child can stand nearby and is attentive look at the stranger or solemnly give it something, and then take away back, or to bring everything that it will be possible to hold in both hands, and to dump all this an armful to it on knees.Many adults do not guess to leave the child alone while that looks narrowly at them.They usually rush to the child, talking without a stop, and the child is compelled to look for protection at mother.

Unfortunately, it is difficult

I was not sure at all that I will endure it.And again I looked at the wife, at my dear Pat.Struggling with that pain which tormented it not less, than me, she, nevertheless, knew that to do to us, resolved different issues, found in herself courage to accept everything such as it is, and did not lose thus softness and sincere beauty.Unfortunately, it is difficult to teach me to something.But then, instead of aspiration inherent in me to the last to try to correct irreparable, instead of indignation on the wife who so quietly treats the most intolerable vital circumstances, I decided that has to study at Pat.

First, thus

Why?The best way to express anger to express it in a verbal and polite form.But children will not learn it if to forbid to express them anger verbally.Therefore, wise parents will not begin to interfere with verbal expression of children's anger.First, thus excessive suppression of anger is prevented.Secondly, parents still control a situation and can conduct the child up anger ladder steps.Any anger has to come to light either through words, or through behavior.If we block an exit through words, children should suppress excessively anger, the passive and aggressive behavior will become result of that.

The human

In these areas for prevention of a bazedovy illness iodine is added usually to table salt.Vitamins Vitamin A.This vitamin is necessary for the contents in a healthy condition of an internal cover of bronchial, intestinal, uric systems, various parts of an eye, including also what allow to see at bad lighting.The human body receives vitamin A much from fat of milk, an egg yolk, green and yellow vegetables and in the form of vitamin A concentrates.There are only no its subjects who really very badly eats or because of a serious intestinal illness cannot acquire it.


The lack of a tiamin of an organism causes appetite deterioration, growth delay, fatigue, gastrointestinal frustration, neuritis.However the same symptoms can be caused by very many reasons, and insufficiency of B vitamin not the most usual of them.Riboflavinum B.This vitamin B large numbers is in a liver, meat, milk, eggs, vegetables of green color, grain and bread of a rough grinding, yeast.Therefore, normal food provides the necessary amount of B vitamin.Insufficiency of B vitamin causes cracks in corners of a mouth and other diseases of lips, skin, a mouth and eyes.

Such moments

And if we restrain and we will apprehend everything quietly, we can quite count on sincerity and trust from its party.Such moments are really invaluable.If we do not notice them or any otherwise we close for the child of a door of our heart, to it will seem that him push away.If we are on the alert and we will manage to catch its shy knock at this door, we will be able to help it, and at the same time and to show how we love it and are how not indifferent to its problems.I can remember a set of similar cases when Carrie only entered the teenage period.

Begin with

You already read the th head Poslaniya to Jews?Is not present?Hurry up!It will give you indestructible hope.God gives us hope.The hope is not your desire.The hope is knowledge of that wonderful obetovaniye of God will be carried out.God made to us a set of promises.Read them for yourself once again.Begin with the Message to Romans :: Besides we know that loving God, called on his izvoleniye, everything promotes to the benefit.And as about the Book of the prophet Jeremiah :: Because only I know intentions what I have about you, the Lord, intentions in the benefit, but not on the evil to give you future and hope speaks.

Here, listen, mothers. I not so stupid. You should

The elephant

Organizational moment.Logopedist.The elephant decided to go on a visit to the Little squirrel.Came to the wood and where to look for the Little squirrel does not know.Sees, on an edge there is a Fungus.Brings a toy teaser.Decided to ask it.And that arranged to the Elephant test to find out that the Elephant is able to do.The child carries out articulation gymnastics for a sound l with a teaser: exercises Smile, Gate, Needle, Swing, Chisktim upper teeth, An angry uvula, Barrels.

In fact, the person

Or, having become more senior, it will start rejecting very much any parents' councils and the management that will lead to emergence of cracks in our relations.And again Dr.Torner emphasizes that we have to own, as if without owning, without being grabbers and owners in relation to the child.In fact, the person can never own nothing really.It is no more, than the servant of that God entrusted to store to it.The earth belongs to the Lord and all on it The New testament, the st ate.to Corinthians, :.

Caress has the same

When you caress it, embrace and show it that he is the best kid on light, you do it happy.Caress has the same value for emotional development of the child, as milk for physical.Can be therefore we, adults, always we seek to give to the child pleasure, instinctively starting lisping, nodding, etc.So solid and unsociable people behave even.The main lack of parental inexperience excessively serious relation to parental responsibilities which prevents to derive pleasure from motherhood.In this case both mother, and the child lose huge pleasure in life.

Doctor Davies

And after that it will have neither a vomiting, nor a stomach pains, a diarrhea.The child can sometimes drink g of milk in addition to a full lunch, and during a dinner to refuse milk in general.Doctor Davies watched consumption by children of meat during many days.Some days the child ate a usual portion of meat, in the next days he began to eat it more and more then consumption of meat again decreased.This fact suggested doctor Davies an idea: obviously, the organism of the child was in great need in some substance containing in meat as was the reason of its strengthened consumption.

This easy

Potniyets can also powder with starch, but the main thing is a cool air.Be not afraid to strip naked the child in hot weather.Dairy crust.This easy irritation of head skin.Very often meets at newborns in the first months.Looks, as the shelled dirty spots.Wipe places of peelings the wadded tampon moistened in vaseline or sunflower oil is softens crusts then they can be schesat a frequent comb.If it does not help, consult to the doctor.The dairy crust seldom happens more long, than some months.

If he is punished

Lead corporal punishment to degradation, a dehumanization and humiliation of the child.As a result the child can feel that flogging this punishment sufficient in itself.If he is punished often and severely, at the child necessary sense of guilt that interferes with development in it of full understanding of as persons is not developed.Without the base of unconditional love the child will not be able to pass all phases of development, especially an identification of with parents that will cripple formation of healthy mentality and a selfassessment.

When parents

I discuss the problems arising in a case when parents are afraid to give vent to the irritation not only to facilitate conscience of parents.The matter is that all afflicting parents, afflicts also their children.When parents consider that antagonistic feelings in relation to children are too awful that them to recognize open, children also hide the antagonism to parents.Children have a fear of the imagined dangers.They are afraid of insects or refuse to go to school, or fear to release from itself parents.

Of course, there

I saw how such unhealthy way of expression of anger leads teenagers simply to a number of misfortunes from a failure at examinations before the use of drugs, pregnancies, commission of crimes and attempts of suicide.Of course, there are also other reasons of such acts, but a passive and aggressive tendency the most serious of them.I met more than once teenagers who badly studied at school because their parents behaved incorrectly: or reacted to everything too roughly, or forbade teenagers to splash out negative emotions.

The teenager

It stretched to contemporaries who accepted its such what it is, without any focuses and requirements, but the feeling of misfortune at it was aggravated.It is a banal, but tragic situation of our time.The teenager on all external indicators was good boy in the childhood, and till years nobody guessed that it is unfortunate.Earlier it was the obedient child to whom neither parents, nor at teachers had no special claims.Nobody suspected as Tom suffers from that do not accept him unconditionally and do not love certainly.

Perhaps, you should

Some mothers prefer to feed sitting, and it is more convenient to another to do it lying in a bed.Put the child near yourself and lay down sideways facing him.Draw near closer it until the nipple touches his lips.Perhaps, you should enclose a pillow under an elbow that the breast was in the correct family way.As soon as the child feels a nipple about the lips, he will stretch to it, trying to seize him with a mouth.You can hold a breast with a finger that it was easier for child to breathe, but usually in it there is no need.


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